Have TVs become a commodity product?

ShelfTrend looks at eBay Australia sales of 55” televisions to see if price or brand reigns supreme in this high value category.

It is the golden era of television. Content is king and with it, the TV has become an important part of the home again. Great advances and competition have made the technology much more accessible in price.  55” has become the massive new size standard...and growing!

So in this renaissance of the TV – is price now the main determinant for purchase or are consumers still very brand loyal?

Examining the sales volume of 55” televisions on eBay Australia tells us of a category that is in transition.

  • Brand loyalists are still strong in this category. Samsung and Sony are achieving good sales even with their higher priced product offerings.
  • Lower brands and generics – such as Signify, Skyworth, Changhong, Hisense, Soniq, Palsonic - consist of about 75% of listings in the Top 500. They are creeping up in rank as their technology offerings start to rival that of the more mainstream brands.
  • Signify is the big stand out. It has found a sweet spot on price and product features. At $599, it is far outselling its closest competitor at 50.4 units a month on eBay.
  • More than 50% of the Top 500 listings are from large Australian retailers or official Brand stores selling on eBay. Even the large Australian retailers selling on eBay have diversified their brand offerings.
  • It is pretty saturated within the price range of $600-$800.  This price range attracts a lot of sales but as you can see, the buyer is pretty savvy.  They are researching and comparing product features and making trade offs.

Keep watching your category to see changes in merchandise dynamics.  As this is a category in transition, any new listing with a good branded deal or a generic with the right price and product feature set could easily rise to the top on eBay.

These insights were derived from the Top 500 Report for the search term 55” TV.
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Happy selling

The ShelfTrend Team