Best selling BBQs around the world - Supply Demand Insights

In honour of Australia Day and the great Aussie Sausage Sizzle, we thought we'd take a look at the range of BBQs selling well around the eBay world.

We start with a category search for BBQs (or Barbecues - in the UK) to bring up the top ranked multiquantity listings listed in the last 18 months.

Australia shows great multiculturalism and love of all things smokey.

Top selling by units sold are the:

  1. Japanese/Korean Hibachi
  2. Electric Hotplate
  3. Charcoal Barrel Smoker (the Euro-grille)

Price range ($70-$150)

Deep diving into charcoal smokers in Australia, 80% of listings are under $150 with the vast majority in the low $60’s.  And although there are a handful of $60-70 charcoal smokers making good sales - vertical smokers - Australian eBay Buyers are willing to pay higher prices ($135-$140 range) to acquire more traditional smoking barrels.


In comparison, the United States seem to believe in the rectangular vertical smoker!

Top selling by units sold are the:

  1. Vertical charcoal smoker
  2. Electric vertical chip smoker
  3. 2 Burner Gas Griddle


    Although they are not currently not selling as well, there is ~$60 cold smokers appearing within the inventory mix are worth keeping an eye on.

    Finally, when you look at the full range of barbeques and what is selling, it becomes obvious that although this is a high value product, there is enough demand and sales volume on eBay to warrant further investigation into this category.


    The United Kingdom has a very broad but different inventory range from the US and Australia.  UK buyers are sticking with the charcoal BBQ classics.

    Top selling by units sold are the:

    1. Brick Charcoal BBQ DIY kit
    2. Barrel charcoal BBQ
    3. Standard charcoal BBQ

    What stands out about the UK market is the diversity of products selling.

    • <£20 portable BBQs
    • £20-30 Garden drum charcoal smokers
    • ~£30 Teppanyaki table grill
    • ~£50 Backyard trolley charcoal BBQs

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