eBay US, UK and AU Supply and Sales of USB-C HDMI Adapters

USB-C is a becoming the standard for future laptops, computers, gaming consoles so there is no surprise that the demand for adaptors are on the rise.

Charts below show a comparison between US, UK and AU eBay marketplaces in terms of available inventory by price and sales quantity/day by listings within the Top 500 Best Match Listings for USB-C to HDMI adapters.  The charts highlight current buying patterns by country and obvious opportunities in various price points that could gain momentum with the right product.


If you are thinking about selling internationally or already do, invest time on the different markets and their live listings, price points and sales volume. Try to set specific strategies to optimize sales and margin and grow sales, and don't forget to monitor new listings that may out-compete you on price or customer service in future.

Happy Selling

The ShelfTrend Team