Product Identifiers reporting now on ShelfTrend

ShelfTrends Top 500 report now supports product identifiers such as EAN, UPC, ISBN to generate live insight for brand sellers. It helps them understand things such as:

  1. How compliant are you compared to your competitors? Who are they and how much stock do they have?
  2. How do you rank when a buyer searches or scans an EAN, UPC or ISBN?
  3. How much stock is available and selling through?
  4. What price range is the product being offered for?
  5. Where is the product from? Is it an import or locally distributed stock?

Here’s an example of the inventory a buyer sees when they scan the UPC for the NBA 2K17 video game for XBOX ONE on the site:

  • 86 listings that are compliant with the policy returned in the top 500 Search results.
  • 2928 units of stock from 82 unique sellers.
  • 788 sold products to date
  • Prices range from $31 USD to $91.50 USD.

Here's the same report for a buyer searching by the keyword “Nba 2k17 Xbox one”. Notice the greater number of listings (244) being returned to the buyer, larger price ranges and stock available.