eBay Top 500 Best Match Report Now Live!

The eBay Top 500 best match report is now live, offering sellers a rich overview of the first 10 default search result pages for a domestic buyer for any search term.

Know where you and others rank within the same selling space.
90% of eBay's sales are derived from the first page of search results.  All other pages, listings ranking 50-500, offers sellers a view of what could suddenly rise up and change the market.

Developed with eBay seller input, the Top 500 Report offers quick summaries of:

  • Price and Postage ranges
  • Sellers and their positions in search (Top and bottom ranking)
  • Total inventory sales in comparison to their best match rank position
  • Location of items being listed for sale
  • Popular brands vs unbranded rank and sales performance.

For an even wider view of the eBay marketplace - run the Top 500 Report with the New Listings Report.  Anticipate new inventory that has yet to be ranked.  Identify opportunities or impending threats to your visibility and sales.

ShelfTrend offers live eBay inventory data that is uncomplicated, clear and concise with no time delays.

Try it out for free!

Happy Selling and we would love to hear your feedback at contact@shelftrend.com

The ShelfTrend Team