The Inspiration

An eBay seller had a problem. Without warning, their steady sales had started declining week after week, even though they hadn’t changed any listing details. The seller suspected it might be due to a change to eBay’s Best Match search algorithm.

Upon closer analysis, a new competitor had in fact snuck up quietly, and aggressively listed similar inventory at lower prices. As the merchant didn’t have an easy way to spot these marketplace changes, they missed critical activity within their category which resulted in massive business disruption.

Enter ShelfTrend – software that gives professional eBay sellers the insight they need to adapt and thrive. With ShelfTrend on their side, sellers can now monitor marketplace activity to protect against future threats while identifying trends and opportunities so they can stay ahead of the competition.


The Story behind ShelfTrend

Realizing that even the most experienced sellers can be caught off guard, Anojan Abel and Lisa Wong set out to solve this common dilemma.  With their combined 20 years experience working at eBay, ShelfTrend was created to help sellers stay on top.

Using ShelfTrend, sellers can extract the most pertinent real time data points from eBay, taking quick action to react to any marketplace changes. With ShelfTrend, faster insights mean continued success.

ShelfTrend is a powerful tool at the beginning of its journey. Knowledge is power and there are great plans to expand the dataset, and create visualisation for even faster understanding and more personalised insights. The end goal is to grow a larger pie for all sellers with more transparent marketplace data.