ShelfTrend sponsors eBay Seller Conference, Retail Global 2017

As the leading provider of live eBay marketplace intelligence, ShelfTrend is proud to be one of the sponsors of Retail Global, the preeminent conference for Professional eBay Sellers.

“The conference is a wonderful way to get close to our customer,” says Lisa Wong, one of the Founders of ShelfTrend. Along with meeting conference attendees one-on-one at the Retail Global Injection Lab, ShelfTrend will also host a stream session called, “Watch your shelf – Data indicators to maximise opportunity and sales on eBay.”

“Our vision is to arm Professional eBay Sellers and Retailers with data to make critical business decisions and keep ahead of competition. The truth is in the data and the conference will give us the opportunity to help Sellers interpret and understand the data for their own business situation.”

Topics to be covered at ShelfTrend sessions will include:

Be more aware of your selling environment.
With a birds-eye view of the marketplace, ShelfTrend offers Sellers immediate answers to:

  • How many sellers are active in the same category?
  • How much stock am I up against?
  • What volumes are being sold at what price points?

Uncover opportunity in the data.
Dig deeper into ShelfTrend to unearth greater insights.

  • What is the product range in your category? Is there a product gap?
  • What price ranges are showing sales potential? Is there a supply gap?
  • Can I expect search-ranking volatility? Do I have the right inventory line up to take advantage of openings?

Make data-driven selling decisions.
Knowledge increases confidence to act on hunches and take more informed risks.

  • Respond to marketplace movements. Take advantage of opportunities and fend of threats. Hold back inventory. Change prices. Create a bundle. Swap formats.
  • Source strategically. With greater knowledge of supply gaps and demand opportunities your customer and product assumptions will be better supported.
  • Unlock business expansion. Try your hand at cross border trade. Extend your product range. Move into more product categories.

ShelfTrend will also give conference attendees a glimpse into new feature launches. “We are continually investing in making the data tell a clearer, relevant and business-transforming story. Retail Global will give us the opportunity to put these features in front of customers for feedback.”

Join ShelfTrend at Retail Global 2017 on the Gold Coast. Give your online business a boost by learning how data can change the way you sell.  Buy Tickets Now and save $100 by using the discount code “WONG17”.