GS1 Industry Newsletter features ShelfTrend

GS1 is the leading global body for product identifier standards and solutions with more than 17,000 member companies in Australia alone implementing the GS1 system across their products.  Their latest Australian member newsletter features ShelfTrend's product identifier search.

As structured data expands and improves on the eBay global platform, professionals across the manufacturing and retail sectors will be able to swiftly obtain data at the GTIN (EAN, UPC or ISBN) and SKU levels to derive eBay insights such as:

  • Competitor products, stock levels, price ranges
  • Search ranking based on category, keyword or using EAN, UPC or ISBN
  • Products distribution points and potential countries of origin

Structured Data growth is a key enabler to knowing what is on e-commerce virtual shelves.

Read the GS1 article here.