Fitness Trackers pricing trends on eBay Australia

Fitness trackers have seen increasing varieties of unbranded fast follow products become popular with buyers shopping on eBay.

Fitbits and other branded models achieve the majority of sales between $169 and $289.  Unbranded fitness trackers achieve the most sales between the $19 to $30 price point. On either side of these prices, sales appear to drop off.



If you sell in this category

  1. Should you complement your Fitbit inventory with unbranded and potentially higher margin stock?
  2. Do your fitness trackers selling for less than $19 make enough margin or have enough sell-through to continue with the lower price point? Should you chase higher sales at a higher price point?
  3. Is there an opportunity for a product to enter the category in the $30 to $168 price range? What features would it have to offer to succeed?

If you're a fitness tracker enthusiast comment below and tell us what you think.

Happy Selling

The ShelfTrend Team

*Chart represents inventory returned by keyword search "fitness tracker" on