Three ways to work with the data.

There are 3 ways that data is presented: Data Table, Chart, and CSV download.


Data Table

New Reports typically land on the Data Table with the option of the three different data views: Sellers, Brands, Listings.

Click on column headings to sort results. Filters on the left can be applied.

Click the Chart button located on the top right of the data table to toggle between chart and data table views.



The chart button, located at the top right of the table, toggles between the data table and pre-formatted charts.

Filters located on the left can be applied, automatically updating the report results.

Donut charts have additional data view options, located within the chart title.  Select data views by: Seller, Brand, Format, Condition and Country.

To get more screen space for results click the:

  • Funnel icon: Hides/shows filters on the Left Navigation

  • Corners icon: Hides the top overview box and report details.




Download a CSV file of the raw data to work offline. The CSV download button is located on the top right of the data table.