Seller, Brand and Listing Views

Reports are presented with 3 different data views:

  • Sellers - data is aggregated by Seller ID.

  • Brands - data is aggregated by brand, as the seller has inputted the brand.

  • Listings - individual listings view.


Data View: Sellers

In Seller view, the table has data aggregated by Seller ID. Click the Seller ID to deep dive into the seller’s listings.

Questions to ask yourself in the Seller view:

  • Is there a dominant seller? - Click on Seller ID to drill into the listings.

  • What are the Prices and Postage being charged?

  • Where the items are located?

  • What types of Brands have sellers sourced? Are they unbranded, private label brands or popular brands?

  • How serious is the competitor – what is their stock level and how aggressively are they pricing?

Data View: Brands

In Brand view, the table shows data aggregated by Brand. Click on a brand to deep dive into its listings.

Questions to ask yourself in the Brand view:

Data View: Listings

In the Listing view, the table displays all listings within the data set and associated metrics.

Questions to ask yourself in the Listings view:

  • Sort by quantity sold and check listings that have sold the most stock. What are the best practices that are being used?

    • Images, Title, Item Specifics, Product Identifiers, Description

    • Seller customer service (Postage, handling, and returns

    • Prices and promotion strategies effecting sales.

  • Can you improve on the current offering?