What is the Supply Demand Report about?

The Supply Demand Report is about identifying supply gap opportunities with proven sales. 

The report came about whilst researching products and category opportunities for large sellers and brands.  They were interested in understanding how their products and brands stacked up against the wide and varied mix of inventory available on eBay’s open marketplace.

 What was frequently discovered in the analysis was that although there could be a large amount of inventory in lower price generics, there was much less inventory in the mid to higher priced branded products.  Yet, when overlaid with actual sales data, mid to higher priced goods often had higher sales velocity.

This could be for a number of reasons:

1. Recognisable reputable brands are generally preferred by buyers.

2. High to medium priced goods that are discounted attract the opportunistic eBay buyer.

3. There is a scarcity of discounted branded products on the eBay platform.

The Supply Demand report is a really good way for finding supply gaps, testing product ideas and learning about buyer preferences for a product, category or brand.

 There can be a lot of light-bulb moments with the Supply Demand Report.  Try it out and explore the data to see where it takes you.