What is the Top 500 Live Listings Report about?

The Top 500 Live Listings Report is about getting an understanding of what eBay thinks are in-demand products for a particular search term, category or seller.  

 eBay monitors how buyers interact with product listings, both up and down the purchase funnel, enabling them to determine product desirability and predict which will likely result in a purchase given the buyer search terms.  When a buyer searches for a product, eBay ranks product listings into a sort order called Best Match.  The most relevant product listings for that buyer’s search term are ranked at the top from #1 onward.

The fact that most eBay purchases occur within the first page of Search Results (the top 50 product listings) suggests that Best Match is a pretty smart algorithm for predicting, and suggesting, the right product match for that online shopper.

Seasoned eBay sellers know how critical it is to monitor their listings’ rank and work towards securing the top of the search results page in order to achieve sales momentum.

 Run a Top 500 Live Listings Report for a search term, category or seller. 

  • Analyse the share of search results. Identify the dominant competitors, brands and product features – they may indicate an emerging trend. 

  • Isolate the data to the top 50 and watch product prices zoom into a range that has the most buyer interest.

  • Compare competing products and uncover how customers are choosing one over the other.


Explore the data and see where it takes you.