New Listings Report

New Listings Report Glossary

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Overview Boxes

Overview boxes summarise the data set. The definitions of each metric are:

  • Listings: A count of listings in the data set.  Report summaries and calculations are based on those listings.

  • Total Search Results: The total number of search results returned for your search, of which in the New Listings Report only includes the newest of those listings up to the past 1 week.

  • Price Range: The range of prices being offered.

  • Postage Range: The range of Postage/Shipping costs being offered.

  • Quantity: Inventory stock levels currently available.

  • Sellers: Number of sellers where new listings have come from

  • Brands: Number of brands being offered within the new listings

  • Sold: Items sold within the lifetime of the multi-quantity listings new listings.


Data Tables

Data is presented in an easy to use tabular format with 3 distinct data view options:

  • Seller view

  • Brand view, and

  • Listings view.

Click on the table headers to sort the data. The data column definitions are:

  • Seller: The seller’s eBay ID

  • Listings: Count of listings.

  • Qty: Quantity of stock available.

  • Sold: Total quantity sold - which for a new listing could show early signs of demand.

  • Med Price: Median price is the middle price within the range for that seller or brand.

  • Med Postage: Median postage is the middle postage price within the range for that seller or brand.

  • Brands: A snapshot of the brands on offer from the Seller.



To access the charts, click on the chart icon located at the top right of the data table.  Charts visually summarise the data set, including any filters that have been applied. There are charts for:

In the Live Listings Report there the following charts:

  1. Box plot charts for price and postage to show the distribution of listings across the ranges.

  2. Donut charts to visualise comparative values - click on the green text in the chart header to select dimension.


How do I understand the price or postage range charts?

Box Plot.gif

The postage and price ranges are presented using box plots. This type of graph can show that although a price range may be very wide, the price of most listings may be concentrated in a much narrower band.

The vertical axis of the box plot presents the highest and lowest prices within the range. The horizontal line is the median price (Q2) within the range.

The green box above the horizontal line represents 25% of listings above the median price. The green box below the horizontal line represents 25% of listings below the median price.

As the graph splits the number of listings into 25% segments, it makes it quick to see exactly where 25%, 50% to 75% of all listings are priced against the 100%.