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Why do I keep getting an error message for my credit card?

Your bank manages your credit transactions and they decide when your credit card can or cannot be used for payment. When your payment is rejected, the bank sends through error messages such as:

  • Do Not Honor

  • Invalid Transaction

  • Transaction Not Allowed

  • Processor Declined.

Please contact your bank to resolve the issue they have with your credit card.  They will tell you the reasons why they have restricted your transaction.

What happens when I reach my Premium subscription limit of 750 reports/month?

Every Premium subscription is given a limit of 750 reports per month. This limit is reset back to zero with the renewing of the Premium subscription. Go to My Account to see the renewal date of your Premium subscription.

At 80% of the allocation, (600 reports) a warning bar will appear on the ShelfTrend app notifying you that you are near your allocation limit. You will also receive an email notification.

750 reports is more than enough for the intended small business user. Larger online stores have multiple subscriptions to support their teams.

How do I get a refund for my Premium Subscription?

When you become a ShelfTrend user, you agree to our Terms & Conditions in which we clearly indicate that there are no refunds for your Premium subscription.

If you cancel during the cooling off period of 24h, we will refund you the subscription fee minus the US$5 administrative fee which serves to cover our costs. Once your plan has been cancelled and your paid month has ended, you will still have access to our Free Basic features.