Top 500 Live Listings Report Glossary

The Top 500 Live Listings report is a live market report for eBay’s top 500 Best Match listings for any keyword or category. This report is great for insight into how eBay is merchandising products at what price points to buyers right now. Assess seller and brand dominance of search results. Spot trending product features as ranked by Best Match.

Below is a quick walk through and glossary for the metrics provided in the Top 500 Live Listings report.

FAQ_Top 500_Glossary.png

Overview Boxes

Overview boxes give a summary of the data set. The definitions of each metric are:

  •  Listings: A count of listings within the data set.  In this report there will be a maximum of 500.

  • Total Search Results: Total number of listings that could be relevant to your search, of which for this report, we only present the top 500.

  • Price Range: The range of prices being offered within the 500 listings.

  • Postage Range: The range of Postage/Shipping costs being offered within the 500 listings.

  • Quantity: Total current stock levels for the 500 listings.

  • Sellers: Number of sellers that the 500 listings belong to.

  • Brands: Number of brands being offered within the 500 listings.

  • Sold: The number of items sold over the lifetime of the listings, from listing start date to present, for the 500 listings.


Data Tables

Data is presented in an easy to use tabular format with 3 distinct data view options:

  1. Seller view

  2. Brand view, and

  3. Listings view. 

Click the headers of the data tables to sort. The data column definitions are:

  • Seller: The seller’s eBay ID

  • Listings: Number of listings.

  • Top Rank: Highest ranked listing. This is the default sort for this report.

  • Qty: Quantity of stock available.

  • Sold: Total quantity sold for the duration of that listing.

  • Med Price: The median price. The price that falls in the middle of the range for that seller or brand.

  • Med Postage: The median postage cost. The postage cost that falls in the middle of the range for that seller or brand.

  • Brands: A snapshot of the brands on offer from the Seller.



To access the charts, click on the chart icon located at the top right of the data tables. 

In the Live Listings Report there the following charts:

  1. Box plot charts for price and postage to show the distribution of listings across the ranges.

  2. Donut charts with drop down options to visualise comparative dominance.