Reports overview

To research products, categories and sellers ShelfTrend offers a:

  • Live Listings (Top 500) Report

  • Recent Sales Report

  • New Listings Report

  • Supply Demand Report

  • Sellers search

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Live Listings (Top 500)

The Live Listings report is a live market report of the top 500 Best Match listings for any keyword or category. This report is great for insight into how eBay is merchandising products to a buyer right now, the diversity of products and price points and how competitor products are selling and ranking.


Recent Sales

The Recent Sales report shows metrics for the last 7 days, 30 days and Month to Date of sales for the top 100 listings (based on search rank) for a given search. Use this report to assess product, listing, competitor and brand performance. Include a Seller ID when creating your report to understand your competitors more thoroughly. This report can take a few minutes to run.

New Listings

The New Listings report is a market summary of new, revised or re-listed listings up to the last 7 days.  This report provides an early warning into products that have recently listed in multiple stock quantities and may be potential threats to your items sales in future. It is also a great monitor of new product innovation happening in categories.


Supply Demand

The Supply Demand report provides an indication of listing supply and average weekly sales volume by price, using top ranking listings created within the last 18 months. Use this report to spot supply gap opportunities with proven sales, identify listings that are excelling at different price points, and see price points where buyers are actively purchasing.


Sellers Search

When creating a new report, the Sellers field narrows results to the seller(s) chosen. It can be applied to any ShelfTrend report to enable sellers to benchmark, view listing best practices and gauge the potential of new products and price opportunities.