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Professional online seller


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  • Live eBay data covering more than 20 global markets.

  • Search by seller, keyword, and/or category.

  • Three analytical reports:

    • Live Listings (Top 500 Best Match Report)

    • New Listings (24h and up to 7 days)

    • Supply Demand Report

  • Schedule up to 3 reports.

  • Interactive graphs for faster insights.

  • Data presented by Seller, Brand & Listing.

  • Quick summaries of price and postage range, average sales per week...and more.

  • Search, sort and filter data.

  • Download to .csv for offline analysis.

  • Up to 750 queries per month

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new to selling online

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Quick eBay summaries covering more than 20 global markets in three of our four analytical reports.

  • Search by keyword and/or category. (Seller search is a Premium feature)

  • Seller view of data only. (Brand & Listing views are Premium features)

  • Top level data visualisation.

  • Up to 250 queries per month.

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