What does a threat look like?

eBay marketplaces are constantly changing, with new sellers and products being listed continuously.

Some of the items may be listed as a one-off by an opportunistic seller, or by a small seller with low quantities - these might be an inconvenience but not a real threat.

However, sellers that enter with significant quantities, lower prices or from countries with lower cost bases may pose a threat. Some sellers may be testing out a product with low quantities before investing in it, so sizing up new entrants can be important.

Run a New Listings report to see:

  1. Is there a new listing with a significant quantity of stock?
  2. Does their product compete directly with yours, and if so, is it superior?
  3. Is it an established seller? Perform a Seller ID search to size up your competitor.
  4. What countries are the new listings from?
  5. Are the new listings becoming more price competitive?