Why do I get the error message "Something went wrong...” when I run the Recent Sales Report?

New Report_Error_Recent Sales.JPG

eBay applies a limit to the amount of data you are able to pull at a time. 

 To ensure you get relevant results, it is best to stay away from general keywords and large categories, like “iPhone cover” or “Shoes.” Instead choose relevant sub-categories and/or use more precise keywords.

For example, “Dress” is a high sales volume product. Running a report for that search term will always result in the error, “Something went wrong, please try again.” 

Instead, narrow your query to the Women’s Fashion and include keywords that Buyers would use, for example:

  • Black silk mini dress

  • Wedding dress

 If you have any questions about running the Recent Sales Report, contact us via Chat or email at contact@shelftrend.com