eBay Brand Data

A view into the wider ecommerce market


ShelfTrend offers product & brand managers real time inventory, pricing and sales data for over 1 billion product listings in thousands of categories from over 20 countries. 

As the world’s largest marketplace, eBay is a high volume, fast moving sales channel for more than 25 million sellers and global brands such as Adidas, Nike and Dyson.  It is one of the busiest shopping destinations in the world for more than 179 million active buyers.


Brand and product managers are using eBay data to better understand their market and build strong business cases for their strategies and innovations:

Size the opportunity for your category.
Quantify brand, vendor and product opportunities, including those in alternative retail channels, across countries. 

View customer demand and product preferences.
Compare sales performance, eBay rank and pricing across competitor brands, products and vendors.

Data for the world’s largest inventory mix
Monitor inventory availability, pricing, positioning and sales. Uncover emerging product innovations and feature trends that are attracting more sales.

Data that is easy to use and formatted for quick insights
See real-time metrics from a detailed to summary view of eBay rank, inventory levels, sales, pricing and listing volume. View and filter the ready-made reports and charts, or download to perform your own analysis.

The following articles demonstrate the types of brand insights that eBay data can provide: