Spot supply gaps and high-performing niches

With over a billion products listed each year on eBay, their range of products is similar to that offered by broader retail and ecommerce. A quick analysis of the eBay marketplace can reveal market gaps and growing niches - useful information for anyone involved in the development or purchasing of new products.

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This analysis can reveal:

  • Gaps in supply by price tranche

  • Listings of products that are performing well in the price tranches with low supply competition. These can indicate high performing niches.

  • Vendors selling niche products

eBay data available for market gap and niche analysis includes:

  • Product listing volume by price

  • Product listing sales volume and revenue by price

  • Keywords can product categories can be used to narrow the dataset to provide insights by product subcategories.


Example: Tea on

The Supply Demand chart below shows the spread of listing volume by price (green bar chart), and listing sales volume by price (dots).


Quick insights:

  1. Over 50% of tea listings are priced below $9

  2. Organic Matcha Powder is the second highest product listing by sales volume, but is in a higher price tranche.

Source: eBay data by ShelfTrend, 2018