Protect sales from brand misuse

Vendors using your brand name to achieve visibility on eBay are robbing your stockists of sales, and creating a poor shopper experience.

Get eBay Data

eBay relies heavily on the listing title to determine the listings to include in search results. To prevent vendors from gaming search, eBay implemented a keyword spamming policy.

Keyword spamming makes for a poor shopping experience for buyers and can lead to lost sales for the brand owner as their products are pushed further down in search.

Fortunately, offending listings can be reported to eBay for removal. Using eBay data makes it quick and easy to identify and report them.

Example: TRX straps on


Quick insights:

  1. Only 4 listings that are live on eBay are TRX branded.

  2. The remainder of the 118 listings are keyword spamming.

  3. 2803 items have been sold using ”TRX Straps” in the title, but only 374 are TRX branded.

  4. See the list of sellers and their sales revenues and volumes for the offending listings.

  5. See the listings (all listings, or filtered by brand or seller). These say “Same as TRX” which is an eBay policy violation.

  6. Download the listing details in csv format to report to eBay through their VeRO program.

Source: ShelfTrend, 2018