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The following analysis has taken eBay’s top 100 “best match” search results for the Lipstick category and analysed their last 30 days of sales to compare recent brand performance.

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eBaY BRAND data includes:

  • Sales revenue (last 30 days)

  • Sales volume (last 30 days)

  • Number and names of high ranking vendors selling each brand

  • Number of high ranking listings for each brand (similar to facings on a shelf).

  • Pricing

  • Analyse by brand, product, EAN, keyword, and vendor

Quick insights:

  1. Lipsense dramatically dominates in sales value, volume and vendor support.

  2. Unbranded products achieve the second highest sales value and volume, far ahead of retail brands.

  3. Covergirl is leading the retail brands in term quantity, revenue and number of listings in the top 100.

Source: Data sourced from ShelfTrend