Uncover the brands that shoppers are most likely to purchase

eBay’s complex search algorithm is both a predictor and influencer of purchase. eBay uses recent sales, buyer interaction and sellers’ customer service performance to determine search results ranking for a given search. Their ability to accurately predict buyer demand is demonstrated by the fact that over 90% of purchases occur on the first page of search results.

Use eBay’s search rank to quickly gauge current shopper demand for brands.

Get eBay Data

eBay’s search algorithm:

  • Predicts the shopper’s propensity to purchase from a listing, and ranks them accordingly.

  • Is correlated with sales, with more than half of eBay’s sales coming from just the first 3 search results.

Use marketplace data to view:

  • The brands that eBay shoppers are most likely to purchase, right now.

  • Each brands’ listings and their corresponding rank, inventory, pricing and sales metrics.

  • The presentation of a brand by vendors.

  • The vendors succeeding in selling each brand.


Quick insights:

  1. At this point in time, shoppers are most likely to purchase Scanpan or Fresh Australian Kitchen (an emerging brand).

  2. There are 13 vendors selling Scanpan, but only 1 vendor selling the Fresh Australian Kitchen products

  3. Scanpan is winning in both the 6 piece and 4 piece sets.

  4. Imagery used has been sourced from the brand-owner

  5. The high-ranking Scanpan vendor is a large well-known retailer in the Australian domestic market with both a strong online and retail presence.

Source: eBay data provided by ShelfTrend