See the performance of retail, direct-to-consumer and emerging brands

Any brand worth paying attention to is sold on eBay. See how they stack up against each other, regardless of whether they are sold primarily via retail or direct-to-consumer.

Get eBay Data

View each brands’:

  • Sales metrics

  • Pricing

  • Current stock levels

  • Highest search ranking (indicates purchase propensity)

  • Number of vendors

  • Number of listings (similar to facings on a shelf)

eBAY data can show:

  • Performance of well-known brands

  • Insights on direct-to-consumer brands and generics

  • Brands being purchased from overseas

  • Emerging brands that may not be in retail (yet)


Example: Lipsticks on

Quick insights:

  1. There are 110 competing brands in the top 500 eBay listings. See the performance of each one.

  2. Revlon is ranked #1 in search, has more listings and vendors in the top 500 than any other brand.

  3. The second highest ranked brand on eBay has premium pricing.

  4. An unbranded lipstick has made it into the top 5 on eBay. Use the Listing view to learn more.

  5. Only 5 vendors are driving the sales of 2 of the top 3 ranked brands. Learn about the vendors, their product portfolio, and their listings with Seller View.

Download Seller, Listing and Brand data for further analysis in Excel. Only a snippet of the data available is being shown here.

Source: Data sourced from ShelfTrend