Introducing ShelfTrend's new Recent Sales report

ShelfTrend’s new Recent Sales report enables professional eBay sellers to assess the recent performance of products and competitors.

Product evaluation is critical for the success of professional online sellers. Combined with insights from ShelfTrend’s suite of competitive intelligence reports, professional sellers can identify product opportunities, assess recent product performance, and review the competitive landscape, ensuring they make informed decisions.

The Recent Sales report enables professional online sellers to:

  • Evaluate the recent success of products, listings, brands and sellers

  • Understand buyer preferences in their product categories

  • Be more strategic with product inventory and pricing decisions.

The pre-made analytical report makes it quick and easy to see insights. Search by product identifier, keyword, category, and competitor. The Recent Sales report provides the number of items sold, revenue and pricing for up to the last 7 days, Month to Date, and 30 days, for the top 100 ranked eBay listings.

The new interactive graph charts sales revenue, sales volume and median price across each day.


ShelfTrend gives professional eBay sellers live marketplace intelligence, with pre-made reports providing insights across recent sales performance, search rank, new competition, and supply and demand. Armed with knowledge, professional sellers are able to uncover opportunities and make informed growth decisions. Know the space you sell in.  Try ShelfTrend today.